IDEAM is a center that was established as a research and consultancy center at Gazi University on August 17, 2015, and its main activity is statistical studies and carries out activities in several dimensions.

It provides statistical consultancy services on sample design, field application, question paper design, data collection techniques, data extraction, design of experiments, statistical analysis and reporting of academic studies coming from within and outside the university. IDEAM carries out these services for individual works as well as for the projected works of private or public institutions.

At the same time, IDEAM can take part in national or international works as a partner, as well as participate in these project tenders itself. IDEAM can take part in these projects not only in statistical matters, but also in the relevant components of the project as a team with all departments of the university.

IDEAM is a unit that operates as a training organization as well as consultancy and project management services. It organizes its training programs in a modular and thematic manner on a relatively short-term basis and gives it to both academic staff within the university and people outside the university. At the end of these trainings, certificates are given to successful participants. The training subjects are questionnaire preparation, sample design, multivariate data analysis, statistical methods in clinical trials, structural equation models, statistical modeling, qualitative analysis, etc. In addition, it organizes courses in the field of data science in topics such as data mining and data analytics. IDEAM also offers a wide range of educational services with courses for teaching statistical software and programming languages such as R and Phyton with statistical applications.

One of the most important activity dimensions of IDEAM is to perform academic research on various statistical subjects.

With these qualifications, IDEAM actively participates in all these activities and cooperates as a stakeholder with all units of Gazi University, especially the Department of Statistics.

Located in the university campus, IDEAM operates with a large enough physical space and adequate equipment with statistical software, computers and other informatics tools.

At IDEAM, all business processes are carried out in accordance with "quality management principles" and "statistics professional ethical principles".


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