Types of Counseling

IDEAM provides consultancy in the following scopes.

Academic Counseling

Short Term:  Type of counseling served to academic studies such as Thesis, Article, Book that have been or will be made about  methodology, survey (or experiment) design, application, etc. This is the consultation that confirm or suggest on the statistical issues and are generally carried out in the form of a mutual interview and concluded with a short report.

Medium Term: Rather, they are consultations that are given to partially completed academic studies on statistical issues and are usually concluded with a prepared report.

Long Term: Type of councelling given from the beginning to the end of a research about survey design, sample size determination, survey, data compilation, statistical analysis, etc.

Project Counseling

Expert Service: It is the consultancy on statistical issues in that the expert(s) is supplied to national and international practical and academic projects for short, medium and long-term.

Project Stakeholders: it is a short, medium or long term partnerships in academic or private sector as well as national and international practical projects.

Project Ownership: The projects carried out under the ownership or IDEAM’s organization alone or as a team, in which experts from other disciplines (if necessary) are involved.


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